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    In 1765,   a group of Moravians felt led to build a town in a place they called "Salem"(1). Salem quickly became a regional hub for trade, craftsmanship, the arts, deeply-rooted community, cultural and spiritual vibrancy, and education of men and women alike. While Salem eventually merged with its sister city,"Winston" (thus giving birth to Winston-Salem), the influence and legacy of our city's origins have remained vital in our local community.

Salem Counseling Center (SCC) exists to continue delivering that legacy to Winston-Salem and surrounding areas by providing services that echo the vision of a town whose name literally means "Peace"(2).

At SCC, we offer counseling and therapy services covering a range of concerns for individuals, couples, and families. We help you create new strategies for dealing with things like anxiety, depression, and other mood-related challenges. We help you identify hangups in communication patterns and find new ways to be heard without hurting. Our services help you make progress toward unmet goals, refine your focus and vision, and get excited about what could be possible for your life again.

Clients have described our services as offering a mirror for self-reflection, guidance for confusing decisions, and clarity when you're trying to find the way forward.

We can help you find a pathway to hope, support, direction, and what our hometown gave to the people who named it:




1) completeness, soundness, welfare, peace

a) completeness (in number)

b) safety, soundness (in body)

c) welfare, health, prosperity

d) peace, quiet, tranquillity, contentment

e) peace, friendship (3)

Contact us now, or explore our site to see how we can help support you on your journey to "better."

203 South Stratford Road, Suite A
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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